A Personal Trainer - How Can You Afford one?

GTME is the solution for everyone who needs a personal trainer but who also needs to keep the prices down.

How can I afford a personal trainer?

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A personal trainer is expensive, right? Well a personal trainer is as expensive as they have to be in order to turn a profit. Often this is because the sessions they are running are based upon a 1-to-1 ratio. This means the client has to cover the cost of the trainer as well as the travel time to and from the appointment. At GTME we do not believe this is the best option. A personal trainer doesn't need to stand there while you do twenty sit-ups, a personal trainer needs a class to get excited and to help enjoy their exercise.

  • Enjoy - Exercising as part of a class is more fun
  • Encourgaed - Classes are harder to get out of and so you go more often
  • Social - Meet new people all interested in attending similar classes
  • Learn together - Combine with like-minded people to enjoy your sessions

GTME contains flavours of other pre-arranged HIIT workouts along with choreographed functional programs that our high-energy GTME Certified Instructors deliver, making for great workouts, every workout! Our programs are focused on intensity, energy, effectiveness, relationship building, functionality, education, movement and technique.

We are delivering quality, consistent and cutting-edge outdoor group exercise that’s designed to create new industry standards.

GTME Instructors are not employed, they’re contracted. This means GTME Instructors are their own boss, operating and working when they want. This means that they are ready to hold a group training session at a time that suits the majority of their clients.

Members can exercise when they like and where they like, easily and conveniently with no obligation or subscription. GTME offers effective and consistent programs facilitated by experienced high energy Instructors, meaning members can trust they will get a great workout, every workout!

With the unique approach of GTME we aim to fit you into the perfect class for exercise type and number of trainees attending. This way you can be part of a group that helps you interact with others who share your aims. You can attend a class as large or small as you like with any trainer or class using the app.

When you join the GTME family, expect high-energy and motivational group training that’s designed to get you the results you want. Our exercise programs are functional, challenging and will push you to your limits but in a way that you are comfortable with!

Costly up-front fees and lock-in contracts are usually synonymous with outdoor group training. On top of that, you never know that you are committing to is the class you are looking for. GTME members only pay for the sessions they join. No obligations and no lock-in contracts involved. Get high quality workouts and professional experts at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

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Our service is the complete go-to system for every personal trainer and will allow you to manage, grow and upsell to your client catalogue as well as manage your financials and produce detailed reports helping you please your clients and increase your profits.

Web-based help

Use your tablet or desktop to find extra tips on how to stat fit and well.

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Which finds you your sessions and helps you connect with your trainers.

Social Skills

Interract with fellow trainees and classmates for a fuller experience

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Keep an eye on your attendance with the app and make sure youare making progress.

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Whether you are interested in track and field, gym classes, spinning, yoga or pilates, we can put you in touch with the closest, most highly qualified and successful trainer for your chosen activity. we also offer searches based on cost, age, experience and sex.

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Of course you can just download the Personal Trainer App on the iOS or Google Play app store but if you want to find out more information on building your client base or where you can meet like minded people we can point you in the direction of our forum or find new deals for you and your club.

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