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What is GTME?

GTme is a vision founded in Dubai, UAE by a team of fitness professionals. After years spent running training sessions in and around the city the GTme team were inspired to design a system to support trainers' everyday business needs. They decided that the system should improve an instructor’s knowledge and skill set so that any client could be sure of a high-quality training session. They also wanted the app to alleviate all of the daily stress associated with marketing and advertising necessary to bring in clients, so that the instructors could focus on doing what they love, without the risk of squandering their passion on struggling with the daily grind of everyday business matters so far away from their own skills, hearts and desires.

At the same time, they knew the clients would see the benefits first-hand, from an app that attracts only the very best trainers, ensuring the highest-quality training available in the industry today. GTme members train with instructor’s dead-set on being truly encouraging and motivating to help them achieve their goals.

Becoming an instructor

If you are a personal trainer or studio owner with the highest standards for motivation and excellence, then you are an ideal candidate to be an instructor or studio on GTME.

Our instructors are conscientious, excited, motivated individuals who strive for excellence in their workouts and classes so if you share our goals, why not share in our community?

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